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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Mega Passive Cycler Ltd ?

Mega Passive Cycler Ltd is an international online advertising platform.

Our service is like an advertising hub where advertisers can reach the whole world with a small marketing budget and increase their sales while our members can earn cash for browsing our advertiser's websites.
In short, we serve as a bridge between advertisers and potencial customers.
To start earning you need to Register a Free Account and View Advertisements.
Keep coming back every day and your daily earning will grow higher and higher.

When and how will I get paid?

Your earnings will be sent to your payment account Instantly after you request the withdrawal.
All withdrawals for Free and upgraded members are processed instantly, the minimum payout Perfectmoney and Payeer is $0.10. Bitcoin Minimum Withdraw is $5, you can earn them fast and easy with offers and Bonus ads.

How to earn money in Mega Passive Cycler Ltd?
Below are ways on how to earn cash and points on Mega Passive Cycler Ltd :

1. Paid to click
View advertisements, earn cash and earn upto $0.02 per click plus bonus points.
You need only about 5 minutes of your free time per day to view advertisements while you are online.
On View ads section, just click view one ad and wait patiently to load for few seconds.
once the timer stops, just choose the correct answer on multiple choice and you've got money instantly into your account.

2. Paid to Signup
Completing task  and earn cash per approved and bonus points.
Our advertisers wants you to become their downline.
Just register using their referral link. Follow the instruction of the advertiser to get fast approval.

4. Promoting Mega Passive Cycler Ltd
Build your downline and get Bonus points for every referred member.
Earn up to $0.001 from referral's click and get up to 5% commission for their purchased regular advertising credits and up to $1.00 upgrade bonus.
Promote your referral links on free traffic exchange, social networks, other ptc sites and any legal places, show your banners too.

5. Revenue shares ( AdPacks)
Tired of lose money on inactive referrals or just you forgot to make clicks on PTC Ads and can not get earnings? This is the best choice for you!
Be part of this special group and start making money daily.
You will receive your Company Share earnings daily and that is not everything, you will receive an special advertisement packfor each share purchased.

  • 100 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 1 PTSU Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 5000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 5000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 5000 Featured Link Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 1 Login Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 5 Points (Upon purchase)
  • Receive $0.02 for 275 days
You can get all just for purchasing 1 share = $5.00
How to Advertise on Mega Passive Cycler Ltd ?

Step 1 - Sign up ( Register ) for a free account here !
Step 2 - Log in and then 'Add Funds' to your purchase balance.
Step 3 - Then click on 'Advertise' and choose the advertising options that suit you best! We have Banner Ads, Full Page PTC ads, Link ads and many more different types of ads.

What types of websites are not allowed to advertise ?

- Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material
- Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
- Tobacco Sales
- Discriminatory Practices
- Hate / Violence Sites
- Weapons Sales
- Pharmaceutical Sales
- Illegal Downloads/Warez

Can I use software or plug-ins for my browser to click for me ?

No, any detection of using automated software or plugins will lead to account termination without any notification.
Advertisers are paying for advertisement that they expect to be viewed by real members.

Why I Cannot See any Ads on PTC section ?

We have do have many advertisements for all memberships in our PTC section.
To be able to view advertisement, make sure you have disabled your AD Blocker in your browser`s extension settings.

What is a referral ?

Referrals are members like you, who have registered in ValuableAdz.
 · Direct Referrals: These users registered using your username as their referrer.

Which payment processors you support ?

We support Bitcoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer."
We can add other payment processors in the future.

Do I have to invest to get cashout ?

No! You don't have to invest to get receive a payment !

Do You Offer Refunds ?

We don't offer refunds.
To help you understand why, if you use a product than you have used it.  We can't predict the results that you are going to get because we don't know what your advertising or how it looks

Am I required to click ads everyday to earn on my down line ?

Yes we require you to click at least 4 ads everyday to earn from your referrals clicks the next day.
For example, if you clicked 4 ads on Sunday, you will earn on your referrals clicks Monday.

Can I change my sponsor/up line/referrer ?

NO, we do not allow sponsor changes.
Please do not write in asking to change your sponsor, because you will not get a reply.

I referred someone but I do not see him in my downline, why ?

1) We only show a referral in your downline that has activated his account.
This means that someone you referred may have signed up under you but not be shown in your downline until they complete their profile..
2) Another issue could be that this person clicked another members referral link after clicking yours. This would set a new cookie and they would then become the referral of the last affiliate URL they clicked.
3) Or this person didn't sign up at all.

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